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September Spotlight Match

Meet Judy and Jordan, our September Spotlight Match!  They've been matched together for three and a half years, starting back in 2012.   


Judy began Volunteering with us in 2001 and has been one of the most dedicated Volunteers we've ever had!  We actually recognized Judy for her years of committment by naming her one of the our two Honarary Chairs for our 2015 Bowl for Kids' Sake back in April. We've been blessed by her and her heart for helping others!

Jordan is a sweetheart with a beautiful personality.  She has grown to be independant in the years we've had her.  We're proud of the girl she's become and how she's preservered year after year, making herself better all the time. 

The two of them have always met in the Site Based Program, they used to meet at James Madison but now Jordan has moved on to High School and still loves being with Judy!  Obviously, Judy is very special to Jordan; often telling us that if she couldn't have Judy, she didn't want anyone else or to even be in our program anymore; it's always been about Judy for Jordan, and we're proud of that! The two of them share a special friendship!