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October Spotlight Match

Big Brother, David Ridley, and his Little Brother, Adam, are two of our newest in Community Based matches. 

When Adam’s High School Buddy graduated High School last May, we wanted Adam to continue to grow in our program. David and Adam were matched at the end of August and have already had a lot of good times together.
Adam enjoys just about anything you can do outside; hunting, fishing and box car racing, all while having two hands made for helping others no matter what the need is. You’ll always find Adam using his best manners and that is something we’re proud of him for!

Last school year Adam was awarded “Little Brother of the Year”. He received this award at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner back in May.

Being Community Based has given David and Adam the freedom to do a lot of things you can’t do in just a Site Based Match. The two of them enjoy sharing witty comments back and forth, going to eat dinner and most recently, Adam has taken an interest in Golf; so he and David have been practicing together while Adam is learning the game. We know this match has a lot potential and we’re excited for their future together